100 years after the creation of their well-known “Agua de Colonia Concentrada”, the company Alvarez Gómez presents BARBERIA, a new range of products specific for men, in a concept that is perfectly balanced between classic and modern.


After Shave Facial Moisturizer Plus 90ml After Shave Facial Moisturizer Plus 90ml

Light texture, non-greasy, with great soothing effects that provide intense moisturizing, and are easily absorbed. It´s great calming effect is particularly suitable for aftershave.

- $45.00

Combing Water 175ml Combing Water 175ml

Fluid non greassy lotion with volumizing properties to prevent hair loss and frizziness, allowing unruly hair to be easily groomed. Conditions and leaves hair shiny and lightly perfumed.

- $40.00

Eau de Cologne 150ml Eau de Cologne 150ml

Properties: A clean, natural and refreshing combination of citrus essential oils. The character of the fragrance is discovered in an oriental-woody, aromatic chord, warm and sweet. And a very intense and attractive deep notes of musky sensuality that melts properly on men's skin and provides a long fixation.



- $60.00

Neutral Shampoo 300ml Neutral Shampoo 300ml

Exclusive pH-neutral shampoo for frequent use. Its formula also incorporates nutritious ingredients that give new vitality to the hair, such as marine plankton, biotin, oils, and plant extracts that balance, soothe and leave a nice feeling of freshness and natural shine.

- $30.00

Shave Cream Jar 200ml Shave Cream Jar 200ml

The GOMEZ ALVAREZ shaving cream has been specially formulated to facilitate razor glide over the surface of the skin to avoid irritation. Rich in extracts and vegetable oils such as Aloe extract and argan oil.

- $40.00

Shaving Foam 150ml Shaving Foam 150ml

Shaving foam with a formulation of very creamy texture which allows the razor blade to easily slide and gives a super-smooth shave, with no irritation and leaving the skin hydrated, fresh and healthy.

- $20.00

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