Clothes, Shoes and Brush Care

Clothes, Shoes and Brush Care

Clothes - Keep fabrics free from fibres, fluff and pet hair by using one of Kent’s bristle clothes brushes. Choose from a selection of designs for a variety of fabrics including wool, cashmere and silk, or our double sided design with a choice of two bristle textures.

Shoes - To care for shoes Kent has 3 bristle and beechwood brushes. Choose from black or white bristle (13 x 5 cm), or a single black and white double ended brush (10 x 4 cm).

Brushes - To care for your Kent hairbrush, use our specifically designed narrow cleaning brush to remove hair throughly from both bristle and quill brushes. To remove cut hair from head, neck and shoulders use Kent’s specifically designed bristle barber brush.


Barber 1 Barber 1

Free-standing 100% pure bristle neck dusting brush. Beautifully made from cherrywood and weighted with a solid brass collar

Item#: BARBER 1

- $60.00


Cherrywood-pure black bristle, travel size

Item#: CC2


- $40.00

CC20 CC20

Cherrywood-double sided, stiff and soft bristle

Item#: CC20


- $124.00


Cherrywood-pure black bristle

Item#: CG1

- $58.00


Mahogany-cashmere care, black and white pure bristle

Item#: CP6





- $80.00


Hand Finished-veneered woods, pure black bristle in presentation box

Item#: CR8


- $260.00


Cherrywood veneer-pur black bristle

Item#: CS1B



- $82.00

Kent Hat Brush Kent Hat Brush

Kent Hat Brush (image shows both front and back)

- $64.00

LPC2 Brush Cleaner LPC2 Brush Cleaner

Cleaning brush removes hair from all brush types

Item#: LPC2




- $9.50

Polish Applicator Brush Polish Applicator Brush

Black and white Bristle duo, applicator 10.5cm


- $40.00

Polishing Brush Polishing Brush

White bristle polishing brush, 13.5 x 5cm.

Item: SHOE W

- $38.00

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