English Soap Company Pure Indulgence Soap

Pure Indulgence Soap

Designed for those who love the art of the perfumer and the luxury of the bath. 

Simply packaged these pure vegetable gourmet soaps offer sheer bathing indulgence.  GO ON - Indulge yourself!


Acacia Honey Soap 200g Acacia Honey Soap 200g

Nourish your skin with this moisturising soap made with Sussex honey & Acacia. This bar will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

- $8.00

African Mango Soap 200g African Mango Soap 200g

A rich and deeply perfumed soap based on the scent of African tropical Mango.

- $8.00

Chocolate Vanilla Soap 200g Chocolate Vanilla Soap 200g

A luxurious chocolate scented bar of soap. Authentically perfumed to match the colour of quality chocolate. A delight for those who like to smell sweet.

- $8.00

Cinnamon & Orange Soap Cinnamon & Orange Soap

Cinnamon and Orange Soap, 200g.

- $8.00

Coconut Soap 200g Coconut Soap 200g

A lovely soap that will leave you feeling refreshed and nourished whilst providing your skin with a sumptuous scent of coconut.

- $8.00

Exfoliating Gardeners Soap 200g Exfoliating Gardeners Soap 200g

Exfoliating Gardeners Soap 200g

- $8.00

Green Tea Soap 200g Green Tea Soap 200g

A rich deep scent of green tea livens up this luxuriously soap that leaves the skin feeling pampered and nourished. Moisturising shea butter and the natural qualities of green tea add to this luxurious experience.

- $8.00

Indian Sandalwood Soap 200g Indian Sandalwood Soap 200g

A warm and deep musky scent that evokes the the sensual scent of Indian sandalwood. Highlighted with a note of ceder to create a beautifully balanced scent that will leave your skin feeling nourished and luxuriously scented.

- $8.00

Lavender & Calendula Soap 200g Lavender & Calendula Soap 200g

A classic English lavender fragrance scented with an additional mild tone of calendula.

- $8.00

Lemon Mandarin Soap 200g Lemon Mandarin Soap 200g

A beautifully blended soap with top notes of lemon and lemon grass with a middle note of mandarin.

- $8.00

Midnight Bluebell Soap 200g Midnight Bluebell Soap 200g

No need to wait for spring. Just close your eyes and experience the wonderful scent of a bluebell wood.

- $8.00

Milk Soap 200g Milk Soap 200g

Milk Soap 200g

- $8.00

Olive Oil Soap 200g Olive Oil Soap 200g

Olive Oil Soap 200g

- $8.00

Oriental Spice Soap 200g Oriental Spice Soap 200g

A soap delicately scented with a plethora of eastern spices that leave your skin feeling decadently indulged and nourished.

- $8.00

Tuberose & Wild Lilies Soap 200g Tuberose & Wild Lilies Soap 200g

A wonderfully crafted and subtle floral perfume with an undertone of English rose invokes spring days at any time of the year.

- $8.00

Vintage Rose Soap 200g Vintage Rose Soap 200g

Vintage Rose Soap 200g

- $8.00

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