Handmade Combs

Handmade Combs

Handmade Combs-for Men and Women

Kent hand sawn combs are cut from large sheets of cellulose acetate rather than moulded, producing a truly gentle comb, which is the secret of their success. This material is tactile, flexible and strong. They glide effortlessly through hair without scratching or damaging the hair or scalp. Kent combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action. The range includes designs for thick and fine hair, in varying sizes, for both men and women.


10T 10T

205mm Large Handled Rake Comb - Wet/Thick Hai, Coarse

Item#: 10T 



- $12.50

12T 12T

146mm Pocket Comb - Thick Hair, Coarse

Item#: 12T

- $12.00

14T 14T

175mm Rake Comb - Medium Size, Wet/Thick Hair Coarse

Item#: 14T

- $12.00

16T 16T

188mm Dressing Table Comb - Large Size, Coarse/Fine

Item#: 16T

- $12.50

20T 20T

100mm Folding Pocket Comb with Clip - All Fine

Item#: 20T


- $12.50

21T 21T

200mm Curved Double Row Detangling Comb

Item#: 21T

- $13.50

2T 2T

158mm General Grooming Comb - Caorse/Fine

Item#: 2T

- $9.50

3T 3T

165mm Dressing Comb - Coarse/Fine

Item#: 3T


- $9.50

4T 4T

155mm General Grooming Comb - Coarse/Fine

Item#: 4T



- $7.50

5T 5T

175mm Dressing Table Comb - Coarse/Fine

Item#: 5T



- $9.50

6T 6T

175mm Dressing Table Comb - Coarse/Fine

Item#: 6T

- $9.50

7T 7T

143mm Pocket Comb - All Fine

Item#: 7T



- $8.00

81T 81T

Beard and Moustache Comb

Item#: 81T



- $5.50

82T 82T

Folding/Fine Beard and Mustache Comb

Item#: 82T


- $14.00

83T 83T

- $7.50

85T 85T

Swept Tail Large moustache/beard comb



- $10.00

87T 87T

Folding Beard and Mustache Comb



- $15.95

8T 8T

197mm Tail Comb - Fine

Item#: 8T

- $10.00

9T 9T

192mm Dressing Table Comb - Large Size, Coarse/Fine

Item#: 9T




- $10.50


165mm Dressing Comb - All Fine

Item#: F3T


- $10.00


113mm Pocket Comb - All Fine

Item#: FOT


- $8.00

NU19 NU19

Case and File Black Calf

Item#: NU19

- $26.00

NU22 NU22

Case and Tab - Saw Cut Comb

Item#: NU22


- $26.00


113mm Pocket Comb - Coarse/Fine

Item#: OT


- $8.00

R18T R18T

140mm Pocket Comb with Thumb Grip - All Fine

Item#: R18T

- $8.00


175mm Dressing Table Comb - for Thick Hair, Coarse

Item#: R5T



- $9.50


143mm Pocket Comb - Coarse/Fine

Item#: R7T


- $8.00


192mm Dressing Table Comb - Large Size, Thick Hair, Coarse

Item#: R9T

- $10.50

Slim Jim Slim Jim

120mm Men's Pocket Comb - All Fine


- $7.50

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