Herbarium Collection

Herbarium Collection

The Bronnley Herbarium Collection is a celebration of the therapeutic properties, restorative benefits and fragrant beauty of natural plants and herbs. Enriched with botanical extracts and essential oils, the Herbarioum collection is the prefect way to cleanse, rejuvenate and nourish the skin.



English Fern Splash Cologne English Fern Splash Cologne

A timeless aroma capturing the woody aroma of fresh fern with complex and crisp green notes. Combining a heart of patchouli and lavender with a base of sandalwood, cedar and green moss. 250ml.

- $27.00

Herbarium 6x50g Soaps Herbarium 6x50g Soaps

A beautifully presented collection of 6 handmade 50g soaps in assorted fragrances. Made with pure vegetable oil and enriched with botanical extracts, each luxurious soap has its own unique therapeutic property to offer a complete range of natural care for your skin.

Arnica with particles of the leaves & flowers added to relax & soothe the skin.
Rosehip with crushed fruit of the Rosehip added to stimulate and tone the skin. 
Applemint includes fragrant leaves & flowers to refresh & invigorate.
The moisturizing properties of Calendula petals are added to this soap to soften and care for the skin.
Rowan Berry contains crushed berries to moisturize and condition the skin.
Thyme includes bits of natural, antiseptic Thyme leaves to tone &* stimulate the hands & body. 



- $38.00

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