Kent Beard & Mustache Care

Kent Beard & Mustache Care

Kent, makers of the finest brushes and combs under warrant to Her Majesty, have a line just for the care of mustaches and beards.





81T 81T

Beard and Moustache Comb

Item#: 81T



- $5.50

82T 82T

Folding/Fine Beard and Mustache Comb

Item#: 82T


- $14.00

83T 83T

- $7.50

85T 85T

Swept Tail Large moustache/beard comb



- $10.00

87T 87T

Folding Beard and Mustache Comb



- $15.95

Kent Beard Brush Kent Beard Brush

Filled with a specially selected cut of natural boar bristle, the business end of the brush is tough enough to handle the coarsest of facial foliage, yet soft enough not to tear the skin off your face. Each brush comes with a beautiful hand-stitched cotton bag printed on both sides. If you are looking for the world's finest beard brush, congratulations, your quest is now complete… you (or he) will love this very special little brush.

Some men build a legacy. Real men grow one.


- $48.00

MC4- beard brush, travel brush MC4- beard brush, travel brush

Made from pure cherry wood with a satin wood back,  the MC4 is a third the size of its larger counterparts in the Kent oval range therefore making it perfect for travel or facial grooming. Filled with pure white bristles, it's a great addition to a man's daily routine.  This handheld brush fits in your palm for easy use and the wood feels warm and organic. Made from pure boar bristle, it helps distribute hair’s natural oils from root to tip promoting shine and increased smoothness of beard hair.  

Pure boar bristle has microscopic scales that help grab the natural oils from the scalp and distribute them down the hair shaft to promote shine and smoothness. Hand trimmed boar bristle allows each bristle to be cut at a slightly different length, which creates an uneven surface to the brush. This enables it to penetrate hair perfectly reaching deep down to the scalp.

Item#: MC4



- $68.00

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