Klar's Exclusive Care Soaps

Klar's Exclusive Care Soaps

Timeless soap recipes have been innovated and updated for a bathing experience that stimulates all the senses!


Klar's Elephant Soap Klar's Elephant Soap

A piece of German craftsmanship: Klar's Elephant Soap is one of the oldest forms of Klar Seifen and with 500 grams, the soap with the highest weight. Refined with essential lemongrass oil. Exotic, fresh and revitalizing as a decoration, home fragrance or for washing. 500g.


- $55.00

Klar's Lily of the Valley & Sage Soap Klar's Lily of the Valley & Sage Soap

Lily of the Valley was known as the scent at the turn of the century. Today we bring back the pomp of ancient times and combine the delicate, flowery classic with fresh sage. The extraordinary composition gives new strength. Rich organic plant oils clean with delicate, creamy lather. Vitamin E nourishes the skin and sage water has a balancing and clarifying effect. 135g. 

- $15.00

Klar's Linden Flower & Rhubarb Soap Klar's Linden Flower & Rhubarb Soap

Theobold Klar knew that linden has soothing properties and used linden blossom water over 100 years ago for Klar's linden flower soap. The delicate, sunny scent of linden blossoms meets 100 years later with intensive rhubarb and promises an explosion of scents! Nourishing oils from certified organic farms cleanse gently and with a rich, creamy foam. Lime blossom water and Vitamin E have a soothing effect, moisturize and hydrate dry and sensitive skin and leave it silky and smooth. 135g. 

- $15.00

Klar's Peony & Basil Soap Klar's Peony & Basil Soap

As the oldest recipe in the archives of the family's, Klar's Peony soap celebrated great success in the mid-19th century. The sensual aroma of this classic has been refined with stimulating basil notes. Rich oils from organic farming, Vitamin E and precious rose extracts moisturize sensitive or stressed skin and make it soft and supple. 135g.

- $15.00

Klar's Quince & Lily Milk Soap Klar's Quince & Lily Milk Soap

From the end of the century to the 1950s, lily milk was a soap bestseller, often because of the myths that surrounded the cup-shaped plant: According to legend in ancient Greece, lily was the flower of Hera and it produced the milk that infant Hercules suckled. In other cultures, the lily has always been a symbol of life, purity and strength. Today it is recombined with the sweet, fruity scent of quince. Klar's Quince and Lily Milk soap cleanses with a mild creamy foam. Rich vegetable oils, Vitamin E and lily extract soothe the skin and make it soft and supple. 135g.

- $15.00

Klar's Spruce Needle & Rosemary Soap Klar's Spruce Needle & Rosemary Soap

Fresh and tart, like a walk though a winter forest- the scent of spruce needles was very popular in the late 1910's. Not only during the winter season, the aromatic fragrance provides new energy and joy.  Pure vegetable oils from controlled biological farming clean with a creamy foam. Vitamin E and rosemary extract invigorate skin and senses. 135g. 

- $15.00

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