Kent Make-up Brushes

"Twelve" Make-up Brushes

A selection of 12 carefully designed make-up brushes. Sold individually, each brush is numbered for easy identification with usage and top tips printed on the reusable travel poush.  Brushes are filled with natural hair to apply dry products such as powder eye shadows and blushers, and synthetic hair is used to apply wet products such as liquid foundations and concealers.


Angled eyeliner brush Angled eyeliner brush

Angled eyeliner brush (Synthetic hair)

Use for lining, shading or shaping the eye. The angle of the brush can create sharp precise lines.

Item#: TWMU5

- $10.50

Blush Brush Blush Brush

Blusher brush (Natural hair)

Firstly, smile in the mirror and apply blusher to the ‘apples’ of the cheeks. Load brush with blush, shaking or blowing excess away first, then apply upwards and outwards towards hairline. For a natural look also blend down and away from the cheekbones.

Item#: TWMU10

- $28.50

Concealer Brush Concealer Brush

Concealer brush (Synthetic hair)

Lightly coat the brush with concealer. Gently brush over blemishes or spots, thinning out the concealer to blend in with face make-up.

Item#: TWMU7

- $11.50

Contour powder brush Contour powder brush

Contour powder brush (goat hair)

Use sweeping brush strokes to highlight and define the face. Follow the cheekbones towards the hairline in an upward direction.

Item#: TWMU9

- $26.00

Foundation brush Foundation brush

Large foundation brush (Synthetic hair)

Apply liquid or cream foundation to tip of brush. Starting at the nose, brush foundation in outward strokes towards cheek. Continue downward and outward strokes from under eyes. Use upward strokes when applying foundation to forehead, starting at eyebrows towards hairline

Item#: TWMU8

- $26.00

Lip Brush Lip Brush

Lip brush (Synthetic hair)

Use to apply lipstick, gloss or lip conditioner. Load the brush with colour and distribute evenly starting at the centre of the lips and working outwards.

Item#: TWMU6

- $11.50

Powder Brush Powder Brush

Powder brush (Natural hair)

Use brush to apply powder after foundation or concealer. The powder sets the skin and creates an even base for further blusher and eye colour.

Item#: TWMU11

- $48.00

Travel powder/bronzer brush with carrying case Travel powder/bronzer brush with carrying case

Travel powder/bronzer brush. Complete with carrying case. (Natural hair)

Use to apply loose powder or bronzer to face or body. Use sparingly to create a sun kissed look, especially on areas that naturally catch the sun.

Item#: TWMU12

- $80.00


Angled eye brow brush

Item#: TWMU1

- $10.50


Eye grooming brush

Item#: TWMU2

- $10.50


Angled eye contour brush

Item#: TWMU3

- $17.50


Definition/Socket line brush

Item#: TWMU4

- $17.50

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