The English Soap Company Guest Soaps

Perfect Guest Soaps 3x20g

Rich shea butter body bar with essential oils, this 100% Triple-milled vegetable soap is made in England. Each package contains 3 Luxuriously Scented  20g Premium Heart Soaps.

Ideal As A Small Gift or stocking stuffer.


Briar Rose Guest Soaps Briar Rose Guest Soaps

A beautiful, traditional rose fragrance with dewy fresh top notes and soft fruity aspects, leading to a bouquet of pink roses laced with a touch of warm spices. Undertones of softwoods, warm honey and creamy musk give this lovely fragrance a modern twist. 3 x 20g

- $4.00

Clematis & Lime Blossom Guest Soaps Clematis & Lime Blossom Guest Soaps

A lively fresh fragrance exhibiting notes of clematis, lemon, lime and mandarin combined with aromatic herbs including peppery basil and thyme. The diffusive base notes of mossy and patchouli wood give a warm amber finish to the aroma. 3 x 20g

- $4.00

Enchanted Blooms Guest Soaps Enchanted Blooms Guest Soaps

Fruity floral notes on top of a sensual jasmine and honeysuckle heart. 3 x 20g

- $4.00

English Lavender Guest Soaps English Lavender Guest Soaps

A classic English lavender fragrance with eucalyptus top notes. 3 x 20g.




- $4.00

Forest Orchid Guest Soaps Forest Orchid Guest Soaps

An oriental perfume opening with zingy top notes of pomegrante and raspberry on a warming woody base of amber and guaicwood.

- $4.00

Lemon & Mandarin Guest Soaps Lemon & Mandarin Guest Soaps

Zesty Sicilian lemon on top of fresh floral rose petals and violets. 3 x 20 g

- $4.00

Lily of the Valley Guest Soaps Lily of the Valley Guest Soaps

Fresh floral green notes give way to a soft rose heart on a bed of jasmine and magnolia.



- $4.00

Oriental Spice & Cherry Blossom Guest Soaps Oriental Spice & Cherry Blossom Guest Soaps

A sweet and powdery floral juice with musk, vanilla and sandalwood. The heart of the fragrance is a combination of violet, lilac, jasmine and rose highlighted with a fruity cassis and cherry top note. A touch of pink pepper adds interest and creates a vibrant top note.

- $4.00

Patchouli & Orange Flower Guest Soaps Patchouli & Orange Flower Guest Soaps

An oriental fruity character with a trail of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood which give a long lasting aroma. Fresher floral aspects are in the heart of the fragrance with white jasmine and orange flower. Top notes are laced with green gardenia brightness. 3 x 20 g.

- $4.00

Pink Grapefruit Guest Soaps Pink Grapefruit Guest Soaps

The brisk, zingy scent of Pink Grapefruit. 3x20g.

- $4.00

Summer Rose Guest Soaps Summer Rose Guest Soaps

Orange flower entwined with green apple and rose on a comforting base of violet and musks. 3 x 20g.


- $4.00

White Jasmine & Sandalwood Guest Soaps White Jasmine & Sandalwood Guest Soaps

Opening with soft fruits of peach, creamy coconut and green fig blended with mango juice, red berries and sweet orange. The heart is brightly floral with oceanic lily, white jasmine and violet leaf underpinned with amber and musky base notes. 3 x 20g.


- $4.00

Zinnia & White Cedar Guest Soaps Zinnia & White Cedar Guest Soaps

A rich woody character combining sandalwood, patchouli and cedar, together with resinous notes of labdanum and frankincense, softly brushed with culinary spices, including black pepper. The top notes are fresh with clementine, orange and soft fruits highlighted with a bright pine character. 3 x 20 g.

- $4.00

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