*NEW* Linhart: Martha Stewart's Choice

Noble Isle

Noble Isle: Ingredients Sourced From The British Isles

Kent Brushes

Kent: The World's Finest Brushes since 1777

Yardley London

Yardley London: Purveyor of Luxury Fragrances & Soaps

FINE Accoutrements for Men

Fine: A Modern Take on Classic Shaving


Victoria: Scandinavian Soapmakers since 1905


Bronnley: One of Britain's Original Perfumeries

Woods Of Windsor

Woods of Windsor: Fragrances since 1770

The English Soap Company

The English Soap Company: Fine English Soaps and Toiletries

Scottish Fine Soaps

Scottish Fine Soaps: Truly Scotland's Finest

Taylor of London

Taylor of London: Established in 1887

Alvarez Gomez

Alvarez Gomez: The Fragrance of Spain


Castelbel: Capturing the Warmth of Portugal

Stoneglow London

Stoneglow London: New Award Winner!


Badedas: Famous Horse Chestnut Bath Gel


Herbacin: Germany's Natural Body Care


LeBlanc: Historical French Tradition

Di Palomo

DiPalomo: *Limited Stock Available*


Takeaway: Milk and Fruit Soaps from Portugal

Rose & Co.

Rose & Co. Patisserie de Bain Bath & Body


Pfeilring: Precision Instruments from Germany

B+D Readers

B+D Readers: Stylish Readers from Denmark

Seascape Island Apothecary

Seascape: From the Jersey Isles

Klar Soaps

Klar: Organic Vegan German Products

Portus Cale

Portus Cale: Exclusive Bath Products from Portugal *Limited Stock*

Pall Mall Barbers

Pall Mall Barbers: Traditional Service in a Modern Manner

                              Founded in 1996, The King & I, Sales and Distribution Co., Inc. imports and distributes prestigious European bath, body, shaving and haircare products.

                           Serving the retail industry, body care products are sourced from the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Portugal, Germany and Spain. Although the pricing in this website is in "retail dollars" we encourage all businesses to contact us directly @ 508-255-0584 to learn of our wholesale pricing and guidelines.  


Linhart - Noble Isle - Kent Brushes - Yardley London - FINE Accoutrements for Men - Victoria
Bronnley - Woods Of Windsor - The English Soap Company - Scottish Fine Soaps - Taylor of London - Alvarez Gomez
Castelbel - Stoneglow London - Badedas - Herbacin - LeBlanc - Di Palomo
Takeaway - Rose & Co. - Pfeilring - B+D Readers - Seascape Island Apothecary - Klar Soaps
Portus Cale - Pall Mall Barbers
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